Acceso Abierto: Oportunidades y Desafíos – un Manual



Unesco Open access: opportunities and challenges: – A handbook  “Open Access: Opportunities and Challenges – a Handbook.” Unesco, 2008

Libro electrónico publicado por la Comisión Europea y la Comisión Alemana para la UNESCO. Se trata de una traducción del docuemtno alemán publicado por la Comisión alemana para la UNESCO en 2007. Esta disponible gratuitamente. Open access: opportunities and challenges: – A handbook (PDF). 2008. The European Commission and the German Commission for UNESCO, translated from the original German edition published by the German Commission for UNESCO.

Chapter 1: Definition and Origin of Open Access

    • The Concept of Open Access. Norbert Lossau
    • Open Access – A Historical Survey. Peter Schirmbacher

Chapter 2: An Introduction to Three Publication Models

    • The Edoc-Server at the Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin: An Example of an Open Access Repository. Susanne Dobratz
    • The New Journal of Physics as an Example of Open Access Journals. Eberhard Bodenschatz
    • The Example of a Hybrid Model: Springer Open Choice. Jan Velterop

Chapter 3: Implementing Open Access Models

    • Financing Open Access Models. Stefan Gradmann
    • Open Access and (German) Copyright. Karl-Nikolaus Peifer
    • Open Access and Quality Assurance. Eberhard Bodenschatz & Ulrich Pöschl
    • Open Access and Long-term Archiving. Ute Schwens & Reinhard Altenhöner
    • Open Access and the Structure of Academic Communication. Hans Pfeiffenberger
    • Data-processing, Data-transfer and Search:Further Technical Challenges for Open Access. Wolfram Horstmann
    • The Acceptance and Distribution of Freely Accessible Publications.Johannes Fournier

Chapter 4: Political Perspectives

    • Controversial Issues in the Context of Open Access. Ralf Schimmer
    • Open Access in Higher Education, Science and Scholarship:
        • Open Access in the Natural Sciences. Wolfgang Voges
        • Open Access in the Humanities. Gudrun Gersmann
        • Open Access in the Social Sciences. Ulrich Herb
        • Open Access within the German Research Foundation.Johannes Fournier
    • Open Access and the German Academic System:
        • Common Perspectives of the Alliance of Research Organisations.

          Working Group of the Open Access Commissioners of the Alliance of Research Organisations.

    • Libraries and Open Access. Claudia Lux
    • Publishers and Open Access:
        • Subscription-based Journal Publishing. Robert Campbell & Edward Wates, Wiley-Blackwell
        • Hamburg University Press and Open Access. Gabriele Beger & Isabella Meinecke
        • Brussels Declaration on STM Publishing
    • Open Access and Education:
        • The Legal Protection of Open Access: The Position of the Standing Conference of the Ministers of Education and Cultural Affairs of the Länder in the Federal Republic of Germany. Thomas Pflüger
        • Open Access and Education Policy: Perspectives of a Politician. Jörg Tauss
        • Open Access from the Point of View of the Coalition for Action ‘Copyright for Education and Research. Rainer Kuhlen
    • Open Access and Consumer Protection:
        • The View of the Federation of German Consumer Organisations. Patrick von Braunmühl
    • German Development Cooperation and Open Access. Peter Rave
    • The Media and Open Access:
        • The Point of View of Public Service Broadcasting. Verena Wiedemann

Chapter 5: International Context

    • National Initiatives in Europe. Katja Mruck & Rubina Vock
    • European Initiatives. Celina Ramjoué
    • Open Access in the United States. Peter Suber
    • National non-European Initiatives:Open Access in India – the Status Quo. Mangala Hirwade
  • International Initiatives. Andreas Hübner


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