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Metadatos: UNIMARC para Autoridades, 3ª ed. actualizaciones de 2016


Metadata: Updates 2016 for UNIMARC Authorities, 3rd. ed. Now Available Online. The Hague: IFLA, 2017

eBook (PDF) 3rd ed. ISBN978-3-598-44182-0

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Todas las actualizaciones de UNIMARC para Autoridades, 3ª ed., Aprobadas en el período 2013-2016 están disponibles en línea (en formato PDF).

Guidelines for Use – Correspondence between UNIMARC/Authorities and UNIMARC/Bibliographic (update 2012) (update 2016)
Field List (update 2016)
Format 0-8 Field List (update 2016)

010International Standard Name Identifier (ISNI) (new 2016)
033 – Other System Persistent Record Identifier (new 2012)

101 – Language of the Entity (update 2012)
122Coded Data Field: Time Period of Work Content (new 2012)
123 – Coded Data Field: Territorial or Geographical Name (update 2016)
127Coded Data Field: Duration of Sound Recordings, Visual Projections, Musical Compositions and Performances (new 2012)
128Coded Data Field: Form of Musical Work and Key or Mode (new 2012)

Control Subfields$2: System Code (update 2016)
Control Subfields$6: Interfield Linking Data (update 2016)
Control Subfields – $4: Relator Code (update 2012)
Control Subfields – $5: Relationship Control (update 2012)

2×0Authorized Access Point – Names (update 2016)
x31Authorized Access Point – Title (Work) (new 2012)
x32 – Authorized Access Point – Title (Expression) (Provisional) (new 2012)
x41Authorized Access Point – Name/Title (Work) (new 2012)
x42Authorized Access Point – Name/Title (Expression) (new 2012)

333Users/Intended Audience Note (new 2012)
340 Biography and Activity Note (update 2016)

4×0Variant Access Point- Names (update 2016)

5×0 – Related Access Point – Names (update 2012) (update 2016)
501Related Access Point – Personal Name With Responsibility for the Work (new 2012)
502Related Access Point – Personal Name for a Contributor Associated with the Expression (new 2012)
511Related Access Point – Corporate Body with Responsibility for the Work (new 2012)
512Related Access Point – Corporate Body Name for a Contributor Associated with the Expression (new 2012)
521Related Access Point – Family Name with Responsibility for the Work (new 2012)
522 – Related Access Point – Family Name for a Contributor Associated with the Expression (new 2012)

6xxSubject Analysis and Entity History Block (update 2012)
602 Subject Access Point – Family Name (update 2016)

Appendix OFormat Changes (update 2012)

Cummulated Errata (new 2012)